Transforming Employee Benefits

We created Vertical Fox to revolutionize benefits procurement and management.

The Vertical Fox solution pairs cloud based technology with expert advisors to deliver a completely new client experience with faster results, more powerful insight, lower costs and complete transparency.


Industry Challenges

Vertical Fox Solution

Lack of transparency. Brokers control information. Employers are unaware of hidden costs and uncertain they are getting the best deal. Complete transparency. Employers see all costs and fees with nothing hidden.
Inefficiency. Inconsistent and error prone manual procurement and management process. High fees are embedded in the industry’s cost structure. Automation can reduce brokerage costs up to 50%.
Frustrating 11th hour decision making. Difficult for employers to make timely, informed decisions. Employee needs and costs are a challenge to model/balance in real time. Enhanced decision making. Comprehensive real time modeling tools and up-to-the-minute marketing results.
Incorrect or incomplete advice. Often based on anecdotal experience of a single advisor. Best solutions from 3 sources. Advisor, insurer and system generated data driven recommendations. Never miss an opportunity.
No data control. Data stored in different silos is often inaccessible. Single comprehensive platform for employer, insurer and advisor available 24/7.



Vertical Fox Brings It All Together

Cost Savings

Our expertise saves you money on your plan costs. Our automated solutions save you up to 50% on your brokerage costs. For further savings, never pay for add-ons or extras. Choose only the services you need tailored specifically for your organization.

Experienced Advisors

Your Vertical Fox team of seasoned employee benefits experts is with you every step of the way. We make sure your plan meets your needs, runs smoothly and efficiently, and fits your budget.

Proprietary Software

Our software intelligently integrates your data and applies industry expertise to provide valuable scenario analysis on demand. You will gain the ability to make better plan choices, set contributions in seconds, and consider demographics and benchmarks to stay competitive...all in a fully transparent environment at lower costs.


In addition to reducing your costs, our combination of proprietary software and industry expertise helps reduce the time needed to manage your plans. Negotiating your renewal, marketing your plans, analyzing your results and tracking your key performance indicators is easier than ever.


Our transparency eliminates broker bias and lets you see what your broker sees. All options, costs and fees are available in a totally transparent online marketplace that ensures you see every deal as it comes in, unfiltered. You’ll get your results earlier and never wait to see quotes or options again.

Faster, Better Decision Making

Having all of your information in one place means not being backed into a corner with 11th hour decisions. Our decision modeling tools allow your team to model plan changes and contributions as well as analyze employer demographics, industry benchmarks and their relationship to proposed costs in real time.