How to WOW when brokerage clients are not easily impressed…

Under normal circumstances, renewal season is the most stressful time of the year. But things are anything but normal. Benefits consulting teams and clients are all working remote and limited budgets are placing more pressure to deliver strong financial results. So how can you ‘WOW’ employers that are not in a state to be easily impressed?

Why It’s Time To Upgrade From Binders And Spreadsheets

Unfortunately, many employee benefits brokerages are behind the curve when it comes to enjoying the fruits of tech. And we are not even talking about something as advanced as AI. Some have yet to get started with Digital Transformation. Ouch! Tech jargon can be off-putting, but this one is really easy to understand.

Running Your Employee Benefits Brokerage Remotely

Even on a good day, benefits brokerage can be a tough business! Work from home (WFH) because of COVID-19 only serves to ratchet up the stress levels. While the ability to WFH or other locations remote from the office has been a growing trend, most benefits practices rely on in person contact with both customers and colleagues to deliver what they consider to be their differentiators or ‘secret sauce’.