Software Platform

Proprietary Software Solution That Puts You In Control

Our patent pending software platform makes it easy to manage all of your clients’ benefits needs and deliver results in real time. You will gain the power to:

  • Deliver faster results to help clients make better decisions in less time shortening the renewal cycle
  • Model options and strategies in real time in client meetings
  • Provide clients with all of their plan details, costs and quotes in a transparent cloud-based portal, available 24/7
  • Manage the entire client lifecycle from strategic planning through renewal all in our portal with no paper or binders
  • Update and iterate during renewal and plan marketings in seconds
  • Have a complete case history within the portal and at your fingertips, making it easier to collaborate and train
  • View management reports of all account data in real time

Negotiating renewals, underwriting, marketing plans, analyzing demographics, modeling contributions, and tracking key performance indicators has never been easier.