GROWTH Amplifier

Accelerate Success
Cultivate Loyalty

Harness the power of innovation and efficiency to expand your clientele and fortify relationships.

Standing still is not an option.

The absence of growth is synonymous with decline. The inevitable next step is a loss of market share, diminished revenue, and the departure of top talent. Without a consistent influx of new clients and the expansion of business with existing ones, brokerages risk stagnation.

Stagnation hampers your ability to innovate and meet client expectations — and also leads to reduced operational efficiency and a tarnished brand image.

Vertical Fox confronts these challenges head-on, offering a suite of tools designed to foster client retention, streamline sales processes, and drive smarter, data-informed management decisions.

Create strategies for sustained success.

Growth within the brokerage sector requires more than just hard work; it demands smart work. Vertical Fox provides innovative solutions that streamline operations, enhance efficiency, and provide the insights needed to make informed strategic decisions.

The platform’s comprehensive analytics and dynamic modeling capabilities enable brokers to offer tailored, data-driven advice that sets them apart in client meetings and negotiations.

Imagine what you could do with an extra hour of productivity each day. By automating routine tasks, brokers can focus on developing deeper client relationships and exploring new market opportunities. With Vertical Fox, your firm is not just growing; it’s evolving into a more agile, insightful, and client-focused enterprise.

Key benefits of the Growth Amplifier

Increase Retention

Innovative, transparent, and efficient brokerage services impress clients and create stickier relationships.

Close More Sales

Differentiate your brokerage in prospect meetings with advanced, real-time solutions that wow employers.

Greater Efficiency

Streamlined, repeatable processes save time, reduce operational costs, and allow for delegation of work, enhancing overall productivity.

Attract & Develop Higher-Level Talent

A modern, efficient platform attracts skilled professionals looking for forward-thinking workplaces.

Data-Driven Management

Remove guesswork and make smarter, more strategic decisions at every level by leveraging comprehensive management dashboards.

Higher Margins

Improved operational efficiency and client satisfaction contribute to business growth, providing more capital for reinvestment and increasing the firm's valuation.

The Vertical Fox Solution

Differentiated Client Experience — Elevate the client experience by providing bespoke, data-driven insights and strategies, ensuring clients receive unparalleled service that stands out in the crowded marketplace.

Dynamic Prospect Meetings — Enable consultants to impress prospects by modeling financial scenarios and contributions on the spot during discussions. This agility demonstrates the firm’s commitment to precisely meeting client needs, enhancing its competitive edge.

Consolidated BoB Reporting — Performance tracking metrics and tools allow for comprehensive management of the book of business, ensuring that every client interaction and outcome is optimized for growth and that nothing slips through the cracks.

Consistent Interface & Work Product — Make high-quality service delivery repeatable and scalable with streamlined processes and all data in one place. With standardized operations come consistent, exceptional service across all engagements.

Client-Facing Portal — Provide clients with 24/7 access to their data and analysis. This enhances transparency and trust, deepens relationships, and reinforces the value of the broker-client relationship.

Error-Free Work Product — The platform’s built-in checks and balances ensure that all work products are accurate and reliable, reducing the risk of costly mistakes and enhancing the firm’s reputation.

Managerial Tools — Vertical Fox includes a suite of management tools designed to streamline operations, facilitate strategic planning, and monitor the firm’s performance, driving growth through operational excellence.

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Benefits management software built by brokers

Vertical Fox was created by a team of benefits experts with a combined century of industry experience.

So often, big tech companies create a solution without fully understanding the complexity of the problem.

At Vertical Fox, we have first-hand experience with the challenges of growing a benefits business while providing exceptional service to clients. 

Our mission is to help grow your business and position you for the future by leveraging data currently trapped in spreadsheets. Our end-to-end software solution enables you to provide a differentiated experience and superior results to your customers – all with far less effort than the practices used today.

Top Brokers and Employers Trust Vertical Fox

"Vertical Fox is the epitome of innovative technology that addresses challenges and creates opportunities."

“Consultants and clients love seeing the iterative process that Vertical Fox enables.
Clients also appreciate the visibility and flexibility of the platform, which, in turn, allows our teams to focus more time on strategic discussions and client service.”

Kamil Vojar, Vice President
NFP Corporate Services (NY), LLC


"Vertical Fox is the future of the benefits industry - every client should be on this."

“Vertical Fox is a trusted partner we can utilize to enhance our relationships with our employee benefits clients. Deploying Vertical Fox has enhanced our client engagement and experience while reducing the time, effort and number of meetings normally required.”

Al Marino, TRA
Principal at Ascela: a PCF Company
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Clients regularly tell their brokers how much they love Vertical Fox.

“Once you showed me this, I knew which broker I was going to hire.”

“Vertical Fox turned a 3-day weekend into an hour of work.”

“I’m so impressed with this platform I’m at a loss for words.”