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Transform client interactions with Vertical Fox's advanced data insights and personalized service.

Employers want a more modern and efficient brokerage relationship.

Historically, a broker-client relationship is hampered by static spreadsheets, PowerPoint slides, and outdated forecasts. As a result, rate and contribution changes, updated financial data, and client questions often require multiple trips back to the drawing board. It’s no wonder the renewal process is drawn out and fraught with stress and uncertainty.

Technological inefficiencies not only strain client relationships but also impede a broker’s ability to deliver optimal outcomes.

Vertical Fox revolutionizes this dynamic by equipping brokers with tools that foster efficient, focused discussions, streamline data management, and ensure clarity and reliability throughout the year.

WOW and empower your clients.

Vertical Fox transforms the client experience by offering dynamic modeling, real-time financial analytics, and comprehensive comparative tools. These solutions enable brokers to address client inquiries directly during meetings, eliminating the need for follow-up and providing immediate, data-driven insights.

An increase in growth and a decrease in stress are natural byproducts of an enhanced client experience.

Employers love their client portal, which ensures that all data and analysis are accessible 24/7, which increases transparency and fosters a deeper sense of trust and engagement. By streamlining communication and reporting, Vertical Fox not only simplifies the decision-making process but also significantly improves the quality of client interactions, leading to better financial and coverage outcomes and a heightened level of client confidence in their broker’s expertise.

Key benefits of the Client Experience Amplifier

Better Outcomes

Data-driven strategies and financial engines ensure clients get the right strategy and coverage at the best cost.

Increased Confidence

Employers want to know they are getting the best deal. Reliable, accurate data boosts confidence in a broker’s decisions and expertise.

Increased Transparency

When employers can see the evidence behind decisions, it demonstrates how their best interests are always front and center.

Reduced Time in Meetings

Real-time modeling fosters more efficient discussions and less c-suite followup without compromising on the depth of consultation.

24/7 Access to Data

Clients appreciate the ability to access their data and insights anytime, enhancing their sense of control and engagement with their benefits strategy.

Less Stressful Renewal Process

Clear, concise information and real-time modeling tools shorten the renewal cycle and reduce the pressure on open enrollment.

No More Spreadsheets

Eliminating the need for multiple sets of static spreadsheets makes data review, version control, and decision-making smoother.

The Vertical Fox Solution

Client Portal — Provide a centralized location for all client data and analysis, enabling easy access without the need to contact the broker for every query. This feature significantly enhances transparency, empowering clients with immediate access to their information and fostering a deeper trust in the brokerage’s services.

Dynamic Modeling — Utilize live data during meetings to model contributions, sort plan features, demographics, and directly address client inquiries on the spot. This eliminates the need to say “we’ll get back to you” and keeps the process moving.

Real-Time Financial Analytics Engines — Analyze historical claims, project future costs, validate renewals and quotes, and negotiate with confidence. Vertical Fox incorporates engines designed to assist in underwriting, financial arrangements, and contribution modeling, enhancing the strategic advice and securing the best possible outcomes for clients

Comparative Tools — Offer side-by-side data comparisons to assist in the evaluation of renewals, quotes, and funding arrangements. This capability simplifies complex decisions, helping clients understand their options more clearly and making it easier for brokers to guide them towards the most advantageous choices.

Built-in Peer Review and Data Checks — Ensure increased accuracy and locked-down financials through a simplified peer review process. This system highlights potential red flags in plans, tier structures, contributions, and costs, offering automated renewal and quote analysis. It alerts brokers to discrepancies or optimization opportunities, reinforcing the reliability of the data presented to clients.

Client Care Tools — Consolidate reporting to ensure no deadlines are missed and no opportunities slip through the cracks. Having the entire book of business in one place allows brokers to efficiently manage follow-up communications, schedule meetings, and proactively plan next steps, ensuring a smooth and attentive client care experience.

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Benefits management software built by brokers

Vertical Fox was created by a team of benefits experts with a combined century of industry experience.

So often, big tech companies create a solution without fully understanding the complexity of the problem.

At Vertical Fox, we have first-hand experience with the challenges of growing a benefits business while providing exceptional service to clients. 

Our mission is to help grow your business and position you for the future by leveraging data currently trapped in spreadsheets. Our end-to-end software solution enables you to provide a differentiated experience and superior results to your customers – all with far less effort than the practices used today.

Top Brokers and Employers Trust Vertical Fox

"Vertical Fox is the epitome of innovative technology that addresses challenges and creates opportunities."

“Consultants and clients love seeing the iterative process that Vertical Fox enables.
Clients also appreciate the visibility and flexibility of the platform, which, in turn, allows our teams to focus more time on strategic discussions and client service.”

Kamil Vojar, Vice President
NFP Corporate Services (NY), LLC


"Vertical Fox is the future of the benefits industry - every client should be on this."

“Vertical Fox is a trusted partner we can utilize to enhance our relationships with our employee benefits clients. Deploying Vertical Fox has enhanced our client engagement and experience while reducing the time, effort and number of meetings normally required.”

Al Marino, TRA
Principal at Ascela: a PCF Company
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Clients regularly tell their brokers how much they love Vertical Fox.

“Once you showed me this, I knew which broker I was going to hire.”

“Vertical Fox turned a 3-day weekend into an hour of work.”

“I’m so impressed with this platform I’m at a loss for words.”