Efficiency Amplifier

Maximize Time
Minimize Stress

Elevate your brokerage operations with streamlined processes, real-time data, and smart automation.

Efficiency is essential to growth.

Time is more than just a resource; it’s a precious commodity and the lifeblood of your success. Yet, brokers find themselves trapped in an endless cycle of inefficiency: juggling countless admin tasks, managing sprawling data sets, addressing vulnerabilities, and trying to stay ahead of market trends.

Inefficiency not only consumes valuable hours but also hinders the effective use of expertise in strategic planning and client relationship building.

Studies reveal that a significant portion of the workday is spent on tasks that could be automated or optimized. Vertical Fox provides a more efficient, time-saving approach to brokerage operations.

Reduce inefficiencies and increase productivity.

With Vertical Fox, time-consuming administrative and mission-critical tasks are efficiently automated. Data management and report generation become streamlined processes, reclaiming hours in your day for strategy and deepening client relationships.

The platform’s intelligent design not only reduces manual workload but also enhances the quality and impact of your work.

The result is a work environment where your expertise is fully utilized, driving growth and client satisfaction, free from the constraints of operational inefficiencies.

Key benefits of the Efficiency Amplifier

Time Savings

Streamlined processes help reclaim hours in your day for strategy, learning, and deepening client relationships.

Less Errors

No more wasted time, lost clients, or frantic calls to a carrier asking for a favor after an avoidable calculation error.

Additional Revenue Capacity

More efficient client management allows brokers to expand their book of business with less stress.

Better Collaboration

Consistency from case to case enables brokers to support each other more easily during load balancing, OOO, vacation, or turnover.

Less Burnout

Reduce stress and overwhelm with a comprehensive software suite designed by brokers, for brokers.

No More Spreadsheets

Streamline the updating of quotes, renewals, and financial analysis to enable quick adjustments and changes.

The Vertical Fox Solution

RFP in 30 Seconds — Get more competitive bids and better attention from the carrier with less work and effort. The Vertical Fox system leverages live carrier data to create RFPs in a constant format with perfect data every time. The less assumptions an underwriter has to make, the more aggressive they can be.

Instant Updates to Quotes & Renewals — Facilitate rapid adjustments to quotes and renewals whenever changes occur, bypassing the traditional reliance on spreadsheets. The result is a more iterative and shorter renewal cycle.

Real-Time Modeling in Meetings — Vertical Fox allows for dynamic contribution and underwriting modeling directly within client meetings, enabling brokers to adjust and project various financial scenarios on the fly. This capability ensures brokers can respond to client queries with precision and adapt strategies in real time, offering tailored solutions instantly. No more saying, “I’ll get back to you.”

Analytics Engine — Generate system-wide charts and in-depth analyses covering claims, demographics, plan design, enrollment trends, and PEPM costs. Vertical Fox transforms raw data into actionable insights, enabling brokers to make informed decisions quickly and present complex information in an understandable format to clients.

Brokerage Lifecycle Hub — From initial client engagement through renewal and retention, this centralized platform helps manage every step of the brokerage process. It streamlines tasks, improves team collaboration, and ensures continuity in operations, facilitating seamless transitions even in the face of employee turnover or absence.

Smart Data — Leverage advanced algorithms and the option to enforce a simplified peer review process, which ensures calculations and data are accurate. Vertical Fox can highlight potential red flags in plans, tier structures, contributions, and costs, offering automated renewal and quote analysis that alerts brokers to discrepancies or opportunities for optimization.

On-Demand Analysis — Pivot and address any client questions regarding costs, demographics, or plan data instantly during meetings. Vertical Fox eliminates the need to regroup or prepare follow-up responses, facilitating a more interactive, responsive, and client-focused consultation experience.

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Benefits management software built by brokers

Vertical Fox was created by a team of benefits experts with a combined century of industry experience.

So often, big tech companies create a solution without fully understanding the complexity of the problem.

At Vertical Fox, we have first-hand experience with the challenges of growing a benefits business while providing exceptional service to clients. 

Our mission is to help grow your business and position you for the future by leveraging data currently trapped in spreadsheets. Our end-to-end software solution enables you to provide a differentiated experience and superior results to your customers – all with far less effort than the practices used today.

Top Brokers and Employers Trust Vertical Fox

"Vertical Fox is the epitome of innovative technology that addresses challenges and creates opportunities."

“Consultants and clients love seeing the iterative process that Vertical Fox enables.
Clients also appreciate the visibility and flexibility of the platform, which, in turn, allows our teams to focus more time on strategic discussions and client service.”

Kamil Vojar, Vice President
NFP Corporate Services (NY), LLC


"Vertical Fox is the future of the benefits industry - every client should be on this."

“Vertical Fox is a trusted partner we can utilize to enhance our relationships with our employee benefits clients. Deploying Vertical Fox has enhanced our client engagement and experience while reducing the time, effort and number of meetings normally required.”

Al Marino, TRA
Principal at Ascela: a PCF Company
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Clients regularly tell their brokers how much they love Vertical Fox.

“Once you showed me this, I knew which broker I was going to hire.”

“Vertical Fox turned a 3-day weekend into an hour of work.”

“I’m so impressed with this platform I’m at a loss for words.”