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Transform Your Benefits
Business Into The Digital Age

The Vertical Fox Platform

Increase Profitability

Reduce operating costs by 25%, win more new business, retain & grow existing clients

Efficiency Through Automation

Less work, consistent deliverables, easier training, fewer mistakes

End-to-End Solution

Digitally manage the entire client lifecycle

Proprietary Software

Cloud-based patent pending web solution to procure and manage your benefits better, faster, and at lower costs


All costs & options available online, 24/7

Faster, Smarter Decisions

Real-time analytics enable you to deliver better, faster insight to your clients


Why Vertical Fox?

We’re benefits experts with decades of client experience who understand the challenges of growing a benefits business. We understand the importance of delivering an end-to-end solution with immediate and obvious value for consultants, sales professionals, management, and of course – the client. With Vertical Fox, consultants perform their roles more effectively, management receives reporting in real time, and our client-facing portal allows clients to experience their data and your analysis in ways never before possible.



What Vertical Fox Does

The Vertical Fox Platform eliminates paper from your organization and supercharges the service experience for your clients. We differentiate you to help your sales team win more new business and your consultants to retain more clients. We make training employees easier and eliminate mistakes. Our proprietary software allows you to better manage all your clients’ benefit needs from strategic direction and advice, to renewals and plan marketing.



How Vertical Fox Works

The Vertical Fox Platform eliminates spreadsheets and binders and consolidates your clients’ data in a cloud-based portal that they can access 24/7. Client work is done much more efficiently, and your team can leverage the platform to provide recommendations, insights and analysis to help your clients make better, faster decisions regarding benefits strategies, renewals, plan marketing, employee contributions and more.