7 Killer Features Transforming Employee Benefits Practices

Designed by brokers for brokers

You know how software can be confusing? A lot of the time, there are more features than you personally, actually need. Take Microsoft Excel for example. From the needs of an average business user crunching numbers, right through to the specialized features required by academics, economists and statisticians, it has to meet a wide range of use cases. By some anecdotal reckonings, the majority of people only use 5 to 10 percent of the available features.

A good way to combat confusion and make software easier to use is to focus its functionality so it meets the needs of a particular user type, or those of a specific industry or niche. This is known as ‘Line of Business’, (LoB) software.

Naturally, it follows that the best software for managing employee benefits brokerage is designed specifically for the industry. Vertical Fox is a benefits LoB platform designed for brokers by brokers, and you get features that really address the key problems of benefits practice.

7 killer features of Vertical Fox

1. Up to date management dashboard

Vertical Fox lets you view all quotes and renewals live in real time. Senior executives, team leaders, and managers at all levels are empowered with all the essential data required to see how well your brokerage is performing on behalf of your customers.

2. Real time plan modelling in meetings

With Vertical Fox, you evaluate demographics, compare options, and model contribution strategies live in client meetings. Shorten the renewal cycle, increase customer value, have better meetings with the client C-suite and help them make better decisions, faster.

3. Financial analytics engines

Using Vertical Fox provides access to analytics engines. This gives your clients proactive forecasting of future costs and allows you to compare plan marketing results and financial arrangements in seconds. With deeper data insights and proprietary underwriting tools, you are able to more effectively negotiate renewals and collaborate with employers.

4. Standardizes the presentation of information

Deliver a consistent client experience with Vertical Fox. From senior leadership to new employees, our platform makes it easy for your team to always be on the same page. From strategic planning to plan marketing, across your team and for your clients, deliver a better experience every time.

5. Client portal and dashboard

Vertical Fox provides your clients with a portal that provides access to client-side information in real time. This includes a dashboard which contains all current and past plan and cost data, strategic objectives as well as forecasting. This provides transparency, engagement, and builds trust.

6. RFP in 10 seconds or less

You generate complete and accurate RFPs in under 10 seconds. Vertical Fox removes time-consuming manual processes and eliminates the potential for errors by using financially verified data. Get faster carrier responses and benefit from the ability to rapidly iterate and update quotes and renewals in seconds.

7. Integrated employee communication

With Vertical Fox, not only is everyone on your team on the same page, but custom messaging tools allow you to help create and send targeted messages. Create employee groups and communicate by selecting those appropriate to effectively supporting your clients’ goals.

Get the killer features that transform benefits practice with Vertical Fox

Designed by brokers, Vertical Fox is easy to use and helps solve many of the problems employee benefits brokerages face.

The platform leverages the cloud to provide cost and efficiency benefits felt throughout your entire brokerage organization. The software lets you stand out to clients and allows you to leverage their data to provide greater insight and power better decision making… all resulting in outstanding results

Most importantly, it demonstrates to clients a commitment to delivering a greater level of insight and transparency that best serves their interests. Book your personalized demo to see the killer features today.



Differentiate your brokerage and grow your business faster.

Vertical Fox’s dynamic benefits management software can help you:

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