How to Get an Immediate ROI on New Technology in 2024

As you look towards 2024, what if you could get an immediate ROI on technology that enhances every part of your business? Across the board, clients are asking about your tech strategy. AI comes up in almost every conversation and prospects expect to hear your tech vision in sales opportunities and finalist meetings. Finding and […]

Errors Cost You Clients: How to Fix Mistakes You Don’t Know You’re Making

Competition in the employee benefits space is fierce. Winning new business while retaining existing clients requires you and your team to deliver “A” level service throughout the year. Even herculean efforts by top teams can be undermined by “errors”. Whether an outright mistake or simply a misstep in execution, these lapses create a lack of […]

You’re Either Growing or Dying — A Broker’s Guide to Success

Imagine if you could grow your brokerage by 25% annually — instead of 5% or 10%. Small changes to your business can have a meaningful impact on year-over-year growth which when compounded can change the trajectory of both an individual’s or organization’s success. With anything you try to accomplish in life, you are either climbing […]

Combat Broker Burnout: 4 Strategies to Help Consultants Operate at 100%

It’s no secret that the employee benefits brokerage space is highly competitive. But if you’re not careful, you’re burning your employees out trying to compete and stay relevant. A well-run organization can be the antidote for built-up stress and the key to running a successful organization with high job satisfaction, positive client experiences, and high […]

Millennial and GenZ-Focused Brokerage Solutions

Is your brokerage considering the needs of the Digital-First Generations (Millennials and GenZ) in your tech stack? As of 2023, Millennials make up the majority of the American workforce and are an increasingly powerful group of influencers in society, politics, and business. As more Millenials enter managerial and decision-making roles, the question becomes, “how can […]

5 Ways to Impress Prospects and Increase Your Closing Ratios by 20%+

To grow your brokerage faster, it is essential to better equip your existing sales team. Increasing pure organic growth is at the top of almost every brokerage’s priority list as growth provides the revenue to solve most challenges within a brokerage. Growth enables a brokerage to hire top talent, promote internal stars, provide pay raises, […]

How Can You Stop Clients From Changing Benefits Brokers in Q1?

Competition in the brokerage space is fierce. Your clients are likely to be talking with other suitors who are pitching increased resources at their brokerage, new innovative offerings to expand coverage and control costs, and technologies to enhance the employer experience. Did you know that 75% of employers surveyed are willing to switch their broker if […]

7 Killer Features Transforming Employee Benefits Practices

The best software for managing employee benefits brokerage is designed specifically for the industry. Vertical Fox is a benefits LoB platform designed for brokers by brokers, and here are 7 killer features that really address the key problems of benefits practice.

How to WOW when brokerage clients are not easily impressed…

Under normal circumstances, renewal season is the most stressful time of the year. But things are anything but normal. Benefits consulting teams and clients are all working remote and limited budgets are placing more pressure to deliver strong financial results. So how can you ‘WOW’ employers that are not in a state to be easily impressed?

Running Your Employee Benefits Brokerage Remotely

Even on a good day, benefits brokerage can be a tough business! Work from home (WFH) because of COVID-19 only serves to ratchet up the stress levels. While the ability to WFH or other locations remote from the office has been a growing trend, most benefits practices rely on in person contact with both customers and colleagues to deliver what they consider to be their differentiators or ‘secret sauce’.