How to Get an Immediate ROI on New Technology in 2024

As you look towards 2024, what if you could get an immediate ROI on technology that enhances every part of your business?

Across the board, clients are asking about your tech strategy. AI comes up in almost every conversation and prospects expect to hear your tech vision in sales opportunities and finalist meetings.

Finding and training talent has become increasingly difficult. To hit margins, you must find ways to increase efficiency. The longer you wait to address these issues the more vulnerable you are to the competition.


What if you could implement a single technology that could minimize vulnerabilities?

Too many brokerages implement one-off solutions that become yet another sunk cost that doesn’t move the dial far enough. It’s time to shift that narrative. To ensure a positive ROI, your technology upgrades need to impact the entire business process, including:

  • Impressing prospects
  • Retaining clients
  • Improving operational efficiency
  • Elevating employee satisfaction

How Vertical Fox Delivers ROI Out of the Gate
Vertical Fox stands out with its comprehensive features, attention to detail, and exceptional customer support. Our dynamic modeling platform addresses specific issues that consultants face, making it more valuable than generic tech solutions.

The software has 30+ years of domain knowledge built into its core, enabling it to meet the needs of the most sophisticated brokerage firm, and setting it apart from competitors.

The table below provides an example of the ROI you can achieve when implementing the Vertical Fox platform.



To request a custom ROI calculation for your brokerage, please contact us.



ROI is Calculated Beyond the Balance Sheet in Employee Satisfaction

ROI isn’t just about finances; it’s also about your organization’s overall health. implementing new technology can positively impact your business culture, reduce burnout, boost employee morale, and ensure client satisfaction. This allows you to keep your intellectual capital in-house and away from the competition.

In an era when employees are evaluating you just as much as you are evaluating them, it’s critical to keep corporate culture and employee morale trending upward.

With Vertical Fox, consultants have less stress knowing calculations are error free and can exhale when on PTO knowing it’s easy for colleagues to pick up their work which is organized and transparent

Platform dashboards help organize key deliverables and make it easy to manage all of their teams’ renewals and plan marketing.

To free up time that team members can spend being more consultative, Vertical Fox greatly reduces the effort it takes to perform critical tasks ranging from getting out an RFP to complex contribution modeling and underwriting analysis.

Such non-monetary gains are essential in an age where your promises to clients and employees carry significant weight.



Technology should help successfully navigate the Broker Business Cycle

Most brokers live in an always-growing number of apps, systems, and tech solutions. This leads to overload and overwhelm. Instead of just adding one more thing to their plate, introduce something that revolutionizes your operations, streamlines your workflow, reduces a broker’s reliance on multiple apps, and brings real change and repeatability to your processes.

With Vertical Fox, employee benefits brokers have a “one-stop-shop” for every phase of the broker business cycle.

Attracting New Business

Impress prospects and secure new business by presenting prospects with cutting-edge technology and clearly connecting it to the benefit they will receive.

Retaining Clients

Help employers make more informed decisions, improve transparency and drive better outcomes. Provide clients 24/7 access to essential data and leverage the dynamic capabilities of the platform to provide deeper insights and negotiate more favorable financial arrangements enhancing client satisfaction and retention.

Operational Efficiency

Achieve up to a 20% reduction in the time it takes to serve your clients with real-time management dashboards and standardized data presentation to help streamline your operations, making your team more efficient and aligned.


Take The Next Step With Vertical Fox

Vertical Fox doesn’t just provide the promise of a return; it ensures immediate and tangible benefits across your benefits brokerage.

When you implement a solution that can immediately transform sales, account management, recruiting, and analytics, it creates a positive ROI, improves overall growth, and helps you attract and retain top talent. After all, no one wants to be part of a company being left behind the times.

Reach out today and schedule a demo to learn more about implementing Vertical Fox as part of your 2024 tech stack initiatives.



Differentiate your brokerage and grow your business faster.

Vertical Fox’s dynamic benefits management software can help you:

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