Millennial and GenZ-Focused Brokerage Solutions

Is your brokerage considering the needs of the Digital-First Generations (Millennials and GenZ) in your tech stack?

As of 2023, Millennials make up the majority of the American workforce and are an increasingly powerful group of influencers in society, politics, and business.

As more Millenials enter managerial and decision-making roles, the question becomes, “how can brokers change their strategy and technology to meet these new leaders in their own digital backyard?”

Millennials and Gen Z (the next demographic to enter the workforce) welcome technological disruptions and view them as a means to make things better, faster, and more efficient. They also expect instant access to information: 24/7.

Yet, most benefits brokers are stuck in the past — ignoring this rapidly changing technological landscape in favor of the status quo.

If that sounds familiar, it may be time for a change.

Below are a collection of resources we have compiled on the importance of updating your brokerage technology to meet the needs of Millenials and GenZ.

Vertical Fox is a technological disruption for the employee benefits industry.

Instead of relying on outdated spreadsheets and static emails, our platform gives brokers and employers 24/7 access to real-time data and forecasting tools. Book a meeting today and discover how Vertical Fox can differentiate your brokerage and increase your revenue, retention, and efficiency.



Differentiate your brokerage and grow your business faster.

Vertical Fox’s dynamic benefits management software can help you:

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